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NOO is a brand created by women, for women.

Because we find them strong, inspiring.
And beautiful.

Because in our eyes, being beautiful is not a question of body. Nor age.
Because in our eyes, being beautiful is not born in the eyes of others.
Because in our eyes, being beautiful means daring to be yourself.

And because we want to be alongside them on this path.
Confident. Free.


NOO is the brand created in 2014 which is shaking up the codes of lingerie and homewear.

By freeing itself from rules and barriers, NOO wants to put women and their desires at the center of the game.

Today, from lingerie to homewear, from swimwear to ready-to-wear, the brand and its ranges have grown to accompany women in every moment of life.

Iconic products, with careful cuts, strong prints and touches of lurex, NOO pieces have managed to create an identity of their own.

Finally, NOO is above all a free and vibrant universe imagined by Anaïs, Elissa and their team of 30 women who work, hand in hand, to make you confident and beautiful.


In France, Belgium and Germany.