Today 61% of our pieces are eco-responsible and therefore labeled NOO FOR THE PLANET.
Our goal? Achieve a target of 80% for Fall-Winter 2023. We have set up the NOO FOR THE PLANET Charter to define the essential elements according to which a product is considered eco-responsible.
Find the list right here . For a piece to be labeled NOO FOR THE PLANET, it must meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. Upcycled pieces, really!

And yes, sometimes after a season we have a few rolls left so there’s no question of wasting! Every year, we offer you new models by reusing fabrics from past collections to use all the stock we have. We also sometimes buy back stock from factories that are at risk of being destroyed. We boost our creativity while respecting the planet, what else?


The issue of viscose is the subject of a real debate for current fashion brands! As it is made from wood pulp of plant origin, we could consider it to be eco-responsible except that the process used to manufacture it is extremely chemical and polluting, not very green!

So at NOO, we decided to only stamp NOO FOR THE PLANET with ECOVERO® Viscose created from wood coming from sustainable forests certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) but above all whose process manufacturing follows strict rules to ensure that it is environmentally friendly: that's better, right?

3. A French material, cocorico!

Working with a French subject means being certain of the labor code applied in the company, social rights and decent salaries for employees. But above all, it means limiting travel and therefore the carbon footprint of your product as much as possible.

For all these reasons, we consider that it is better to use a French material which is not labeled as ecological but which will be less polluting than organic cotton coming from the other side of the world. The pieces created from French materials are therefore part of our NOO FOR THE PLANET and that's cool selection!

4. A minimum of 50% GRS recycled fibers

Many of our pieces contain GRS recycled yarns or fibers but it is from a minimum of 50% that we label these products NOO FOR THE PLANET.

The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) label guarantees recycled textiles in compliance with environmental and social criteria. So it’s a plus of course, but be careful…

GRS certification can concern products with at least 20% recycled fibers, so a GRS label does not mean that your product is necessarily 100% recycled. At NOO, it is therefore the combo of 50% recycled fibers + GRS label that makes a piece become NOO FOR THE PLANET. Find all our NOO FOR THE PLANET products right here!

And for maximum transparency, all our product sheets mention the composition, origin of materials and place of manufacture of each product.


In France, Belgium and Germany.